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Advisor, educator, coach, facilitator, presenter/lecturer, and author with thirty years of experience in executive and management education with global companies and major organizations. Founder of Global Executive Learning, the Global Executive Learning Network, the Global Forum, and the principles and practices of Business Driven Action Learning. Subject matter expertise also includes the monitoring of present and emerging global trends and their influence on business and society. Since 1996 he chairs the Global Forum on Strategic Change,Leadership and Learning, an annual by-invitation only and not-for-profit international community of practice. Advisor to boards and senior executives.

He has written research reports, books and articles that deal with subjects on contemporary global issues, executive education, as well as modern history. Among his more recent articles are: “Business Driven Action Learning”, Cross-Company Consortiums: Tackling Business Challenges and Developing Leaders Together”,  “Communities of Practice: Building and Sustaining Global Learning Communities” in Experience-Driven Leader Development--Models, Tools, Best Practices and Advice for On-the-Job Development, Wiley and the Center for Creative Leadership; “Developing Global Executives: Today and Tomorrow”; “Beyond Knowledge Management: How Companies Mobilise Experience” (in The Financial Times, London); and “Emerging Economies, Emerging Hopes” (World Economic Forum and IMD). His books on Action Learning include: Action Learning: History and Evolution (2010) co-edited with Robert L. Dilworth; Action Learning and Its Applications (2010) co-edited with Robert L. Dilworth; Action Learning Worldwide: Experiences of Leadership and Organizational Development (2002); Business Driven Action Learning: Global Best Practices (2000). He is also a member of the International Editorial Advisory Board for the journal Action Learning: Research & Practice published in the U.K.

Formerly: Professor of International Geopolitics and the Business Environment at IMD (International Institute for Management Development), Lausanne, Switzerland; Professor of Geopolitics and Strategy, and Director of Executive Learning, at the Theseus International Management Institute (now part of EDHEC) in the Sophia Antipolis Science and Technology Park, France; and faculty positions at the University of Toronto and Harvard University.

Yury Boshyk completed his doctorate at the University of Oxford, his Master's degree at the London School of Economics, and his B.A. at the University of Toronto. He is a Canadian citizen who, having lived and worked in Europe for 27 years, is presently based in Ottawa, Canada.

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