Christine Williams


A short introduction to Christine Williams

  • Christine is the founder and CEO of 2Connect and an Associate Partner of Tyler Mangan UK – a specialist, leadership advisory services that enables the right decisions and conversations with businesses, senior executives and leadership teams in transition.
  • During her 20-year career she has been fortunate enough to have worked with executive leadership teams in South Africa, Europe and many African countries. She has worked with a wide range of organisations, across various industries, to develop growth, customer and people strategies.
  • One of the highlights of her career was developing the strategy for one of her greatest passions – South Africa, the country.
  • Prior to joining Tyler Mangan she ran an Insight-led Strategic consultancy, worked for Unilever in South Africa and in Paris. She held several senior Global roles in a large South African based Corporate. Amongst other things she was responsible for People Strategies, Human Capital Analytics, Diversity and Inclusion, Governance, Human Capital Sustainability and Leadership Development.
  • One of Christine’s areas of passion is mentoring young, talented South Africans to empower, enable and support young leaders who are in roles beyond their experience to perform and succeed. She has also set up a network for experienced South African business people who want to work on their own terms, while being part of an International network.
  • Christine is a member of the IODSA Sustainable Development Forum and Chairperson of the Human Capital Institute of Africa. She has an honours degree in Business Science and is a Chartered Marketer.
  • Christine is very happily married and has two wonderful children aged 7 and 9.  She enjoys cooking, photography and travelling. 




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