actionlearning 1 smallGEL is often asked for its advice on a wide variety of issues and topics. This can be in the form of commissioned research to just-in-time information and views on topics ranging from global trends and political development to requests for contacts with thought leaders and good demonstrated practices on a particular issue or theme.

Companies also ask for us to review their strategy, and their learning and development initiatives to see if these can be done differently and improved.

GEL Partners and Associates also have advisory roles in various capacities:  for governments, cities, companies, organizations, boards and professional journals, and also for community groups and associations.


Some Examples of Comissioned Advisory and Consulting Projects:

Dentsu (Japan):

GEL completed a commissioned study for Dentsu (for it's Human Studies Institute in Tokyo) on how best practice European multinational companies were preparing themselves for the coming ageing population, succession and knowledge transfer issues.


Deutsche Post/DHL (Germany):

Yury Boshyk assisted one of the most global and largest companies in the world to design and create its Corporate University in the intial phases.


Johnson & Johnson (USA):

Briefing a divisional CEO and the head of Leadership and Development on the latest approaches, best practices trends in executive education leading to a decision on design and implementation.