Individual and Team Assessment and Coaching Enhances Business Driven Action Learning Program Success.

Our experience over the past 20 years, and working with such companies as ABB, Boeing, DP/DHL, General Electric, ITOCHU, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal, Rio Tinto, SABMiller, Samsung and many others confirms that adding an individual and team assessment and coaching component effectively bridges the gaps between the Business Driven Action Learning experience, paraticipants' unique business situations, and each participant's personal development objectives.

  • Boosts participant engagement
  • Accelerates individual and team learning
  • Enhances participant appreciation of the program
  • Facilitates sustainable post-program learning


GEL's executive coaching team are experts in selecting and leveraging an organization's existing assessment tools and providing feedback on a wide-variety of well-accepted and globally recognized 360 degree competency, cognitive and personality, emotional intellegence, values and learning styles tools. As part of the design phase, our team plays an important role in determining the tools and methods to be used for gathering baseline information about each participant. The data derived from these tools is the basis for providing individual feedback, defining the overall characteristics of the participant pool, and in some programs for establishing the composition of teams.

Assessment Design

Assessment Administation

Supervisor’s Perspective


Measuring Leadership Behavior

The measurement of competencies and behaviors using 360 tools and the gathering of information regarding participant background, performance strengths and personal challenges from immediate supervisors provide a basis for defining “how” the participant presently behaves as viewed from the perspective of his or her key stakeholder groups. The measurement of personality and problem solving skills provides a basis for evaluating the participant’s own internal assessment of the personality traits and approaches to problem solving that can affect those external perceptions. Taken together, the “how” the participant behaves, measured by gathering information from stakeholder groups and the “why” behaviors are likely to occur, measured by appropriately selected personality and problem solving assessment tools, provide a strong foundation for defining strengths, identifying personal challenges and establishing development strategies that can be applied both within and external to the BDAL program.

Biographical Information

360 Assessment

Personality Assesment

Learning Styles


The Focus of Coaching

BDAL Executive Coaches focus on the growth and development of individual participants and provide observations, feedback and provided subject matter expertise on team effectiveness, process and development. 

  • Gathering information about each participants pre-existing leadership behaviors/competencies, personality characteristics, problem solving skills, and learning styles;
  • Providing context-rich feedback about each participant’s behaviors and competencies based upon information gathered as they enter into the BDAL program; 
  • Encouraging and facilitating participant question thinking, reflection, the identification of personal challenges and selection of learning/development objectives; 
  • Providing a forum and safe harbor for the participant to examine and discuss the relationship between feedback, personal challenges/development objectives and their experience within the BDAL program; 
  • Serving as a subject matter expert (when asked) on the tools and strategies of executive leadership and team development, as well as other organizational change management tools and systems; 
  • Facilitating participant-led insights and strategies for transferring learning from the BDAL context back to ongoing roles and assignments and challenges; 
  • Engaging the participant in post-program coaching to facilitate reflection on the BDAL experience, key learnings and ongoing work on personal challenges and development goals; 
  • Providing feedback to company talent management professionals, internal coaches and line managers to facilitate future participant development.


Our World-wide team of Executive Coaches are well-qualified and seasoned professionals.

Located around the world, GEL's team of executive coaches are well-qualified and seasoned professionals having strong academic credentials in the behavior sciences and business credentials including significant and varied experience in the fields of human resources, talent assessment and management, change management and organizational development. All of our coaches have held line managment roles, many and the most senior levels of their organizations.

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GEL has assisted companies to design and implement Mentorship programs across generations and also programs that are gender specific. For more details please contact us.