What We Do

GEL has for many years provided highly customized management and executive programs primarily for major global Fortune 500 corporations in many different industries, among them General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Boeing, Lilly, NovoNordisk, Pirelli, Volvo Cars, Baxter, Danone, SABMiller, TimeWarner, DP/DHL and many others. We have also helped Small and Medium Sized businesses and organizations, including government owned-enterprises.

These have been largely based on our unique Business Driven Action Learning approach that also blends many of the best demonstrated practices in executive and leadership development for organizations, teams and individuals.

The locations of these programs have covered the world because they take place where the client sees most value for their business and for the development of their leaders.

At the core of every program is a Business Challenge or Business Opportunity that needs to be examined and resolved in the view of the organization's most senior leaders. Sometime there can be several such challenges in a program and multiple locations. In one General Electric program, for example, seven countries were included and in a SABMiller program five Business Challenges were on the agenda. Programs last from a few days to over a period of several weeks and/or months.

  • What are some exceptional growth-related opportunities in “emerging” markets?
  • How can we accelerate growth in “mature” markets?
  • What are some key future trends and how do we “get to the future first”?
  • How do we stimulate innovation?
  • What are some critical elements that we need to consider for our strategic and sustainable growth?
  • Create a $1 billion service/solutions-based business for the company.
  • If a low market share competitor broke all the rules (destroyyourcompany.com) how would he compete?
  • How to successfully and profitably penetrate the SME Customer Segment (Small and Medium Enterprises)?
  • The Internet as innovation driver: Growth potential for dialog marketing business
  • CultureTransformation and Role of Human Resource
  • How can business units collaborate more successfully with each other in order to find new sources of growth?"
  • What is the Best Approach to organize Shared Service Functions?
  • Eastern Europe Business Development
  • Design an Effective Customer Experience Strategy and Road Map!
  • 'How to make Cross-Selling and Integrated Offerings more effective?'
  • How to beat our competitor?
  • How to achieve a financially sustainable position in the USA?
  • Achieving a top presence in the large and fast growing China domestic market


GEL believes in utilizing a very tailored approach so very often internal company speakers including executive leaders, outside experts on the subject of the Business Challenges, "outside-in" dialogs and meetings with other companies, customers and stakeholders, and sometimes custom simulations are very much part of such programs. This Blended Learning approach characterizes all of our programs.
Progams can also include consortiums where several non-competing companies come together to both solve Business Challenges and develop their most senior executives.

The objectives of a company can be wide in scope in such programs. Besides dealing with Business Challenges and development, they can be focused on such topics as integration and alignment of the organization, expanded networking, mentoring, gender specific and diversity leadership, acccelerating the development of "global brains" and so on.

GEL does not view a program as an "event". Follow up in the form of feedback on the implementation of Business Challenge recommendations, and the monitoring of changed leadership behaviours are part of every program. This approach engages all concerned and relevant stakeholders in the organization. Every program also has its own learning and collaboration internet-based platform to ensure the capture and dissemination of important information and insights thus enabling the learning to continue well beyond the program.