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Learning ExpeditionsGEL helps global leaders and organizations gain fresh perspectives and stimulate innovative thinking by looking from the "oustide-in" while at the same time integrating team and individual learning and development.

Learning Expeditions are "outside‐in" benchmark experiences through which participants and companies are inspired by best-in‐class, "out of the box" or "leading edge" organizations, to answer a specific business issues. Based on these fruitful live experiences, participants bring ideas from the outside-in, gain fresh and innovative thinking and develop their leadership potential, cross-organizational and external networks and team effectiveness.

Companies and organizations that want to explore critical issues, define a new strategy or solve an immediate problem while at the same time developing leaders, facilitating team effectiveness and expanding internal and external networks will find GEL's Learning Expeditions to an efficient, rapid and high ROI solution. Learning Expeditions are not the same as "Discovery" events or approaches - Expeditions have a very clear business focus and results-driven purpose while also including personal development. In both cases the exploration and resolution of an issue were integrated with team and individual learning and development - well beyond a task force assignment.

danoneWhen Danone, a global leader in the production and distribution of fresh dairy products, water and infant and medical nutrition products wanted to develop a fresh approach to integrated global learning, leadership development and collaboration, they turned to GEL to organize a targeted, 10-day learning expedition to help them identify new ideas, stimulate their thinking and develop an out-of-the-box approach that would result in a tailored best in class model for their organization.

Fourty top-level executives representing each of the company's product-lines, regions and core functions were selected by Danone's Executive Committee to participate in the program. GEL organized and faciliated a ten-day Accelerated Learning Expedition to take place in four of the company's core Asian, European and North American markets. Participants, divided into regional teams, visited and dialoged with a total of 60 innovative, leading-edge companies and institution inside and outside their industries. Participants then met together for two-days in an innovative solutions oriented wrap-up session to co-build recommendations and an action plan to present to the organizations senior leadership and executive team. As a result of their effort the company has adopted a new approach to world-wide knowlege sharing and collaboration. To demonstrate their engagements in the next steps of the projects, participants could select to accountable for the implementation or be a support resource.



BaxterBoard Level Particpants: Strategy for acquisitions and financial investments in emerging markets. The Board of a healthcare company that wanted to finalize its strategy and financial commitment for a major investment in an emerging market. GEL helped organize the meetings and dialogs with senior government officials and thought leaders in several companies, and helped in the debrief and decision-making as well.

SABMillerSince 2006, SABMiller has fully embraced the BDAL 7 components. For instance, the outside-in component has been practiced very thoroughly for the maximum of return. During each program, participants have interacted with more than 100 outside stakeholders in different regions of the globe.

The outside-in dialog meetings were based on mutual collaboration and learning. These meetings led to innovative ideas and also act as individuals' eyes opener. The final recommendations to solve their business challenge were largely inspired by the outside.


DP DHLThe objectives of the IBLP International Business Leadership Program were:

  • To learn more about Deutsche Post DHL’s customers, competitors, strategy and business realities and to encourage further alignment efforts.
  • To increase business acumen in business strategy, trends and finance, and to deepen the understanding of other business units.
  • To interact and challenge senior leaders in the company.
  • To contribute to the organization's development and growth by exploring its critical business issues through business-driven action learning.
  • To expose participants to leading-edge thinking and practice in personal leadership development and team effectiveness.

DP-DHL Dr. Frank AppelThe business-driven action learning approach uses a wide range of learning methodologies such as real business challenges, customer visits, business simulation and coaching.

Over the 25 IBLP, Business Challenges were sponsored by board members and Frank Appel DPDHL CEO has sponsored 5 of them.

The IBLP a 10 days duration program, 2 days were dedicated to the outside-in process, this was a strong reality check for IBLP participants to hear live customer stories together with the local account manager. These experiences empowered the participants to mobilize DPDHL to found solutions.