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Yury Boshyk
Yury BoshykChairmanyury@global-executive
Karl-Georg Degenhardt
Karl-Georg DegenhardtSenior Partner
Chantal Fleuret
Chantal FleuretCFO & Senior Partner email to Chantal
Åke Reinholdsson
Åke ReinholdssonSenior Partner (Emeritus)
Harold Weinstein
Harold WeinsteinSenior Partneremail to Harold

Company - Contact (US)

North America Office
151 Bay Street, Suite 302
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA K1R 7T2
Phone Number
Canada / USA+1 613 884 7271
Email Address
servicegel w


Europe Office
1300 Route des Crêtes - BP 255
06905 Sophia Antipolis Cédex 05
Phone Number
Europe / France+33 6 0832 6886
Email Address
servicegel w

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