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Geert Egger


Geert Egger is the founder and managing director of Action Lab A/S based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He holds a Master’s degree in Anthropology and a PhD within Culture and Social Psychology. Since 1989 Geert has been working both as a consultant and a corporate employee with leadership development on how to link business and organization in Danish-based international companies.

Since 2003 we have designed and managed BDAL-programs for more than 200 teams consisting of 50+ nationalities in the effort of combining action learning with instant business impact.

We believe - and have experienced over and again - that BDAL is a well proven and profound method for providing individual, team and business development in one and the same process. Our expertise has repeatedly been used for talent development, executive learning, accelerated project kick-offs, and cross-company initiatives.

As a long lasting participant of the Global Forum for Action Learning, as well the link to Global Executive Learning Network, we have built extensive relationships with equally minded expertise around the world.



North America Office
151 Bay Street, Suite 302
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA K1R 7T2
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Canada / USA+1 613 884 7271
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Europe Office
1300 Route des Crêtes - BP 255
06905 Sophia Antipolis Cédex 05
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Europe / France+33 6 0832 6886
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